USFSA Membership Due; Welcome New SFSC Members!

On behalf of the Shaker Figure Skating Club, thank you for your membership and participation in Club activities this past year!  Your current membership expires June 30, 2017, and, as we head into summer, it’s time to renew your membership for 2017–2018.  Thank you to those SFSC members who have renewed their membership! We’d also like to welcome our new members this year:

Brigitte Drewa, Rachel Isaacson, Jacob Isaacson, Elena Luria, Brooke Mitro, Pam Olszko, Christina Serva, Victoria Vincent

We are thrilled to be using a new, online membership renewal system through Entryeeze.  We are hearing good feedback about the ease of renewing online. This new system allows for the ease of real-time membership renewal and the use of credit cards!  We’ve worked hard to make sure that this online process is simpler and more streamlined that the previous paper system.  However, as with any new system, please be patient as we work out any nuances that may arise.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact Debra Hollander, SFSC Membership Chair, at