Info for Non-Members

hs5The Shaker Figure Skating Club welcomes USFS skaters to skate during our club-designated ice times and to our off-ice classes.

For skater safety, ice times are designated as follows:

  • Open Ice: limited to¬†skaters who have passed Basic Skills Freestyle Level 5, Pre-Preliminary Moves or approval of Safety Committee
  • Junior Club Ice: limited to skaters who have not taken a freeskate test through those who have passed Preliminary Freeskate
  • High Ice: limited to those skaters who have passed Pre-Juvenile Freeskate and above

Please note that priority will be given to our members and associate members and we are unable to guarantee that there will be space available on any particular session. Our order of priority for walk-ons is

  1. Home club members who currently contract for ice time
  2. Home club members who do not contract for ice time
  3. Associate members who currently contract for ice time
  4. Associate members who do not contract for ice time & all other USFSA members

If you have any questions, please feel to contact the Head Monitor Rochelle Paley at 216-280-5510 or speak to the session monitor.

You may also want to check the City of Shaker Heights ice schedule.¬† Ice on the city’s schedule is not SFSC ice; please call the city at 216-491-1295 for details and fees.

Check in with the monitor as soon as you arrive at the rink. You must provide the monitor with a signed copy of the SFSC Release, Waiver or Liability and Express Assumption of Risk Agreement. Non-members will not be permitted to skate without this document. If the skater is not 18 years old, the form must be signed by a parent or legal guardian.

nocashPayment by CHECK is required at each session. WE DO NOT ACCEPT CASH OR CREDIT CARDS. Non-members will not be permitted to skate without payment.

Non-member walk on cost for each session are as follows: 1 hour session = $17.00; 1.25 hour session = $21.25; and 1.5 hour session = $25.50. Our punch cards are available to non-members for $75.00. Each punch card is good for 10 thirty minute sessions.

We are always glad to welcome out-of-club skaters to Shaker Figure Skating Club!