Club Pros

Kristy Kristy Brickel USFS – Gold Medalist Moves in the Field and Freestyle 440-864-5230

classen Daria Classen USFS – Gold Medalist in Freestyle and Figures, PSA Rating – Master Freestyle, Master Choreography, Registered Yoga Instructor, Certified Pilates Instructor 216-533-2910

driscoll Melissa Driscoll USFS – Gold Dance, Silver Freedance, 3rd Figure, PSA Rating – Senior Dance 216-544-0958

BarbarAnn & LambieAnn 1 Barb Fitzgerald USFS – Gold Freestyle, Gold Figures, CFSA – Gold Freestyle, Gold Figures, ISU – Gold Freestyle, Gold Figures, PSA Rating – Master Freestyle, Master Figures; Award winning author and illustrator of The Champion Behind the Champion 440-915-4443

photo coming soon Carole Gatti USFS – Silver Moves in the Field, Silver Freestyle, Silver Dance 216-509-9133

photo coming soon Janet Gaydosh USFS – 6th Figure, Junior Freestyle 216-870-3836

Molly German photo Molly German USFS – Gold Figures, Gold Freestyle, PSA Rating – Registered Figure and Freestyle, Certified Freestyle
lindway Susan Lindway USFS – 4th Figure, Intermediate Freestyle 216-577-3605

photo coming soon Jennifer Martino USFS – Juvenile Freestyle, Silver Moves in the Field, Adult Gold Freestyle, Adult Gold Moves, Pre-Gold Dance, ISI – Freestyle 5, Dance 7, Masters Showcase 216-410-0949

photo coming soon Sherry Marvin USFS – Gold Freestyle, Gold Figures, ISU – Gold Freestyle, Gold Figures 216-932-5040

Andrew McCrary photo Andrew McCrary USFS – International Dance and Gold Moves in the Field, Certified Freestyle and Choreography from Swiss Federal Institute of Sport
Jackie Miles photo Jackie Miles USFS – Gold Dance, Gold Free Dance, International Dance, 7th Figure and Freestyle, PSA – certified dance and Level 4 Ranking 216-387-0950

photo coming soon Elva T. Nowak PSA Rating – Master Figures, Freestyle, Dance and Free Dance 440-289-1901

photo coming soon Pam Olszko USFS – Novice Freestyle, Silver Dance, and 2nd Figures, PSA Rating – Basic Accreditation 216-390-0078


photo coming soon Parker Pennington USFS – Gold Moves and Freestyle
photo coming soon Jacqueline Redenshek-Henry USFS – 7th Figures, Gold Moves and Freestyle 440-796-3136

photo coming soon Lynn Rimmer PSA Rating – Master Rated Free skating, Master Rated Program Director 330-678-2838

photo coming soon Chip Rossbach PSA Rating -  Level 5 Senior Dance, Master Dance and Moves in the Field, World Professional Ice Dance Champion 440-338-5683

rossbachjpg Chuck Rossbach PSA Rating – Master Freestyle, Master Figures, Senior Group, Certified Dance, Certified Pairs, Hockey Level I & II 216-371-5390


photo coming soon Erin Schopf USFS – Novice Freestyle, PSA – Registered Freestyle; Certified Program Director; Basic Skills Program Manager for U.S. Figure Skating 440-781-1194

Leslie Leslie Shackelford-Rinicella USFS – Gold Figure, Gold Freestyle, Gold Dance, CFSA – Gold Figure, Gold Freestyle, PSA Rating – Master Freestyle, Master Figures, Master Group, Master Moves in the Field, Certified Choreography, PSA Ranked Level III
photo coming soon Frank Singley USFS – Senior Freestyle, 7th Figure, International Dance 216-338-7770

photo coming soon Beth Spencer USFS – Gold Moves, Silver Freestyle, 5th Figure, PSA Rating – Basic Accreditation 216-870-6383

photo coming soon Graziella M. Tasca USFS – Gold Freestyle, Gold Dance, Gold Moves 440-341-1773

photo coming soon Sally Tasca USFS-  Novice Freestyle and Novice Figures, PSA Rating – Master Moves, Master Freestyle, Senior Group 440-341-4061

photo coming soon Darlene Waters Choreography, freestyle and pairs 440-212-6429


photo coming soon Ryan Zeltner USFS – Junior Freestyle 440-564-8034