About Us

The Shaker Figure Skating Club is governed by an all-volunteer Board of Trustees. The Board meets monthly to make policies, plan club events, and discuss club issues. Notice of meetings appears on the club calendar. All SFSC members are welcome to attend.

Board of Trustees
**President Rochelle Paley rlpaleylaw@gmail.com 216-280-5510
**Vice President Miki Graban mikilgraban@gmail.com 216-215-1977
**Secretary Stacey Krantz sfscsecretary@aol.com 216-378-1819
**Treasurer Sharon Deutchman shroonova@aol.com 216-956-2159
Trustee Angie Chapple-Wang angchap34@hotmail.com 216-577-6002
Trustee Debra Hollander dhollander14@gmail.com 216-789-9148
Trustee Carolyn Hawk carolynhawk@me.com 216-403-5887
Trustee Erika Leiken egfriedman@hotmail.com 216-346-1936
Trustee Roberta Roth robertaroth@hotmail.com 216-765-0334
Trustee Alyssa Rukin alyssarukin1@gmail.com 216-235-7017
Trustee Steve Wolkin sew454@aol.com 216-832-3288
Pro-Trustee Janet Gaydosh janetgaydosh@yahoo.com 216-870-3836

** denotes Executive Board

Ice Administration
Ice Administrator Angie Chapple-Wang sfsciceadim@gmail.com       216-577-6002


Committee Chairs
Membership Debra Hollander dhollander14@gmail.com 216-789-9148
Carolyn Hawk carolynhawk@me.com 216-403-5887
Monitors Rochelle Paley rlpaleylaw@gmail.com 216-280-5510
Observations Steve Wolkin sew454@aol.com 216-832-3288
OHHS Comp Angie Chapple-Wang ohhscompetition@gmail.com 216-577-6002
Kendra Wood ohhscompetition@gmail.com 216-406-6452
Public Relations Debra Hollander dhollander14@gmail.com 216-789-9148
Test Chair Sharon Deutchman shroonova@aol.com 216-956-2159
Miki Graban mikilgraban@gmail.com 216-215-1977
Webmaster Alyssa Rukin alyssarukin1@gmail.com 216-235-7017